WELCOME TO Solace Residences & Suites Barog, H. P.
The perfect balance of Living!

Perhaps you've dreamt of living in a place where every moment is inspired, where the little details make all the difference, where understated luxury can be appreciated. You may have envisioned waking up to panoramic views--maybe the clouds, maybe the hills, finding yourself at peace and rejuvenated each day by nature. At Solace Residences & Suites,Barog, H.P., your imagination has been captured and brought to life. Solace Residences & Suites,Barog, H.P., is a traditionally built complex, consisted of 30 residences and 15 suites with fully equipped kitchens, along with all comforts that will make your holidays and retirement unforgettable. Each and every square meter has been designed, built and carefully crafted so that elegance, peace and perfection can be yours every day.




Restaurant/ Bar


Shuttle Service for Airport / Railway